Experience all the amenities of a resort in a private and intimate setting that allows you

to truly unwind, relax and restore! 



Food & Beverage

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” - Hippocrates

All food prepared and served will be for the benefit of both healing and nourishing the body through your culinary experiences! 

You will interact with a variety of experts within the field of nutrition and wellness to learn how food is an energetic pathway for our internal healing and daily energy! 

Our Private Chef Laura Chamberlain, Founder of THE BRIX Restaurant and recipient of the highest honor and acclaimed James Beard Award, will be providing the majority of our meals and offering a healthy-eating cooking class. Organically and locally grown food will be prepared with the highest quality, choice ingredients and finest presentations.  Intentionally and intelligently designed meals will nurture your body to heal and restore. Each meal will be loaded with the best fruits, vegetables, grains, and protein options whether you are Keto, Vegan, or anything in between.

Additionally, you will enjoy the art of nutritional healing with the support of Local Juicery and healing supportive foods. 

  **Please remember this is a non-alcoholic event but there will be coffee, teas, juice and beautiful elixir drinks! 




All transportation to and from the event is the responsibility of the attendee.